Subculture Shock

DJ Xiane spins Gothic, Industrial, Darkwave, Sythpop, and EBM every Sunday night from 10pm - Midnight on WNRN 91.9 FM, Charlottesville VA.


[playlist for 042003]

Hanzel Und Gretyl [ss deathstar supergalactic]
The Last Dance [regret trick mx]
The Mission UK [more than this]
Venus Hum [hummingbirds]
Collide [euphoria]
Clan of Xymox [back door]
The Lucy Show [leonardo da vinci]
Bauhaus [spirit]
Sol Invictus [come join the dance]
The Call [everywhere i go]
Echo And The Bunnymen [do it clean] #
Call Me Alice [queen]
Artica [honiria]
Mira [space] ! for Flying Monkey Tim!
Flesh Field [my saviour] *
New Model Army [bittersweet]
Terminal Ready [l.e.c.]
The Brides [if you dance] !
Rasputina [state fair] !
Cinema Strange [hebenon veil]
Scribe Machine [fragile alpha conspiracy mx]
Pigface [insect/suspect]
Claire Voyant [not like me]
Public Image Limited [seattle] ?
[playlist for 041303]

Voltaire [ex lover's lovers]
Ego Likeness [i live on what's left]
Scribe Machine [fragile alpha conspiracy mx]
Mistle Thrush [the sky and my hands]
Wolfsheim [approaching lightspeed]
Siouxsie and The Banshees [candyman] !
A Room With A View [how can you]
Rasputina [state fair]
Swans [i am the sun]
Ladytron [playgirl] !
The Faint [glass danse] *
Lene Lovich [lucky number]
Flesh For Lulu [decline and fall]
Bella Morte [demons]
Lacrimosa [halt mich]
Love Spirals Downwards [this endris night]
The Cure [39]
Miranda Sex Garden [peepshow]
Amber Spyglass [catalyst groove] *
In Tenebris [old] *
The Violet Dawning [redemption] #
Regeana Morris [buona reposa]
My Dying Bride [the cry of mankind]
Ministry [golden dawn]
The Brickbats [zombie flanders] !
De/Vision [miss you more]

Thanks go out to my Flying Monkey Helpers, Tom and Tim! Most of the music you heard tonight was either chosen or brought in by them.. they added a slightly different flavour to the show [moneky flavour?] - yay!


[playlist for 040603]

Magenta [one mind]
Informatik [hopeless]
Rhea's Obsession [momento mori] !
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry [walking on hands]
Pulcher Femina [everywhere was cold]
Kaj [under the moon]
Siddal [the pedestal] !
Joy Division [something must break]
Penis Flytrap [cemetery girl] !
Tones On Tail [burning skies]
The Damned [wait for the blackout] #
Mephisto Walz [alle in asche] !
Play Dead [propaganda]
The Faint [let the poison spill from your throat tommy sunshine rmx]
Talk Talk [talk talk extended mx]
Siouxsie and The Banshees [happy house] #
Bauhaus [mask] #
The Brides [if you dance]
Cult Of The Psychic Fetus [orgy of the dead]
The Sisters of Mercy [this corrosion] !
Avrigus [as ivy groweth green]
Qntal [palastinalied] !
Gossamer [run]
Voltaire [the vampire club] *
[playlist for 032903]
Spring '02 Fundraiser!

The Last Dance [regret]
Miriam [scents]
The Brickbats [do the dead girl]
White Zombie [more human than human]
Dispossessed [half-life]
Bauhaus [dark entries]
Engelsstaub [faerieland]
Claire Voyant [majesty vnv rmx] For Sommer
Virgin Prunes [baby turns blue]
Bass Kittens [the doom song]
Rasputina [rock 'n' roll]
The Cruxshadows [cruelty]
Terminal Ready [cowboy] special pledge request!
Executive Slacks [say it isn't so] special pledge request!
Voodoo Church [live with the dead]
The Wake [christine]
The Merry Thoughts [boy sinister]
Bella Morte [where shadows lie]
The Shroud [spiral back]
Ghoultown [fistful of demons]

Thanks to *everyone* who pledged tonight and before the show! You guys rock, and you helped me bring in $851, which is the highest SubShock total to date! Goth Rock Radio is safe for another season, whew! You guys, you definitely rock. Thanks from the bottom of my dark little heart.


[playlist for 032303]
Red Flag [heaven in media res] ?
Audra [going to the theatre]
De/Vision [drifting sideways T.O.Y.tolberger wold rmx]
Modern English [blue waves]
Synthetic Division [taking the attention]
Susperia [and now we see the swine] #
The Smiths [how soon is now?] !
Bauhaus [in the night]
Voodou [doomsday]
Incubus Sukkubus [paint it black] #
Ego Likeness [song to the divine radio edit] *
Rob Zombie [dragula]
Faith and The Muse [in dreams of mine]
Silent Muse [villians] *
OhGr [minus]
VNV Nation [epicentre] #
The Last Dance [do you believe in angels] *
The Sisterhood [giving ground]
Fear Cult [sexbeat]
In Tenebris [fall away] #
Thou Shalt Not [without faith nothing mx]
The Changelings [flowers cover your eyes]
TC Matik [pitie pour lui]
[playlist for 031603]

I'll have it soon.


[playlist for 030903]
with Terminal Ready in the studio!
Zeromancer [send me an angel]
VooDou [doomsday]
Kompressor [we must destroy x10] !
Covenant [stalker club mx]
Southern Death Cult [moya]
Berlin [the metro] !
Joy Division [she's lost control] !
Interpol [nyc] !
Rasputina [transylvanian concubine] #
Rosetta Stone [nothing]
The Cruxshadows [cruelty]
Terminal Ready [l.e.c.] *
Terminal Ready chooses all music from this point
Terminal Ready [power trip] *
The Brides [hi!]
The Mission UK [deliverance dance mx]
Grauzone [eisbar]
Duran Duran [electric barbarella]
Rammstein [du hast]
Terminal Ready [00 hero] *
The Smiths [shoplifters of the world unite]
Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel [wash it off]
Thomas Dolby [she blinded me with science!]
Kinovia [snenia]
Terminal Ready [1-900] *

Thanks again to Terminal Ready, who came out to promote their new CD, Halo Addiction.. and to all our callers too!

Get ready for Spring Fundraiser, coming up in two weeks - I'll have some awesome premiums for those loyal supporters of SubShock and WNRN!